Representation & Defending interests of CIS companies

     EMG Consulting Group primary activities are: representation and defending of the interests of CIS companies in Scandinavia and Western Europe, establishing and managing corporate entities primarily in Denmark. In this context we provide a variety of other professional and financial services.


Company formation and administration

  • Incorporation and registration of corporate entities and other vehicles, including investment, holding and financial companies, private or exempt investment funds
  • Purchase and sale of business
  • Providing a registered address for our clients companies
  • Providing one or more directors or officers
  • Operating the company on a day-to-day basis


Professional services

  • Office services
  • Legal services
  • Accounting, financial reporting and consolidation
  • VAT registration and reporting
  • Treasury services (bank account management, cash management, currency management)


Services NOT provided by EMG Consulting Group ApS

Audit. As the business administrator/director, EMG Consulting Group could never assume audit responsibility.

Specialized tax advice. Although EMG Consulting Group has a wide knowledge and expertise in international tax structuring, it does not act as specialized tax counsel. We will therefore work closely with such advisors in all jurisdictions upon request.

Specialized legal services. EMG Consulting Group has a wide specialization, when it comes to legal issues. Legal opinions and other matters requiring specialists, are referred to external law firms.

Investment advisory services. This refers to the portfolio type of asset management which is more the realm of investment managers or private bankers. As company manager, it is our task to administer and oversee the activities of such investment advisers, but not replace them.