EMG Consulting Group was formed in February 2011 as an independent, politically neutral and privately held company that provides legal and financial services on the territory of the Kingdom of Denmark. Our main goal is to be a decent representative of interests of companies from the CIS region in Western Europe and to provide full range of services in connection to it.

We have a dedicated focus on the CIS region, which makes us a really unique company that is truly specialized in understanding and supporting commercial clients in the CIS region.

Combining our knowledge of Western free market system and transitional Eastern economies with deep understanding of the CIS region’s specifics, mentality, culture and needs makes us an ideal candidate to be the link with Western Europe and vice versa.

To pursue new opportunities and open new doors to very great possibilities, where before only walls were for our clients, are our main challenges. Staying close to a client in day-to-day business and going hand-in-hand, we are eager to contribute in developing and expanding the business our clients do in the Western Europe. We truly want our clients to become big and respectable players on the market.

EMG Consulting Group has high ambitions to constantly improve and expand the range of services provided to its clients, because we strongly believe in big potential and growth of the role of CIS region’s companies in the world.